MFA Group exhibition at Chelsea College of Art

At a time when highly divisive issues dominate public discourse, our group of 36 students from different backgrounds on the MFA program at Wimbledon College of Arts, responded to the brief 'Conflict' in a huge variety of artworks, using divers media and techniques.

To overcome the limitations of the small exhibition space we were required to work within a 12x12 inch format, bringing coherence to the show.

The curation team displayed our works in grids of four, nine and a single row of five on the available walls

which broke up any monotony of format.

My work 'Es geht mir ganz gut' (I am doing fine), a prisoner's of World War 2's correspondence from England to his sweetheart in Austria, harmonised well with three other works.

The whole exhibition was organised by our group and divided into various tasks.

I volunteered to take care of Health and Safety  requirements which included filling in and submitting

 the 'General Risk Assessment Forms'.

I attended meetings at Chelsea College to be informed of potential hazards and risks and the necessary control measures needed to be implemented.

The various teams were advised about these requirements and I often got the impression that these issues were not taken seriously. Without signing off by the Health and Safety manager the exhibition wasn't going to open on time!

Last minute 'demands' from Chelsea College (certain kind of nails, risk assessed ladder) needed to be swiftly dealt with but it all worked out well in the end.



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